Pacidose Medicine Dispenser


  • $13.99

Pacidose. INVENTED by a Doctor. INSPIRED by a Daughter. Up to 50% of babies are incorrectly dosed when administered medication due to inaccurate dosing mechanisms, techniques and rejection. Pacidose helps by ensuring your child gets the right dose of medicine without the fuss. A standard oral syringe allows for accurate measurements and connects Pacidose which looks and feels just like your child’s favorite pacifier. Pacidose has a narrow tube down the center of the nipple that prevents wasted medicine. Medicine is delivered to the back of the tongue where there are fewer taste buds, decreasing the chance of rejection. To use Pacidose: Measure the proper dose of medicine into the syringe then check the amount again. If you have questions call your doctor or pharmacist. Attach the oral syringe to Pacidose. Position your child in your lap facing away from you. Introduce Pacidose into his/her mouth and after your baby starts to suck, slowly push the syringe plunger in. Stop and make sure your baby is swallowing before giving more. If your child has a difficult time with pacifiers and/or medication, take the syringe off and dip Pacidose into another liquid. Let your child taste it and play with Pacidose under your supervision. Once Pacidose is a familiar object then attach the syringe and give medicine through it. From the Manufacturer: RINSE Pacidose and syringe with water. DO NOT use the dishwasher.  NEVER leave Pacidose alone with your child. Discard if you see any signs of damage or weakness.

MEDICATION. Fuss-free. Through a pacifier.
SOFT NIPPLE. Feels just like a pacifier!
FITS ALL STANDARD ORAL SYRINGES. Get the most accurate measurement.

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