About Us

Amy Plass - photo by Eurekame Photography


Hi, I'm Amy!

Let's start with a confession: I hate laundry. As a mother of three, I’m all too familiar with the non-stop onslaught of tiny clothes to untangle and fold. But as with most things in parenting, I found an unexpected bright spot in my long laundry days: cloth diapers. Maybe it was their colorful presence, or their minimal folding needs, or simply knowing that each bright load was helping to save my family thousands of dollars - whatever the reason, those little additional pieces of laundry added joy to my entire routine. Not one to keep a joy-bringing secret to myself, I knew right away that I needed to find a way to share that joy with others.

As a cloth diapering expert and Child Passenger Safety Technician, my passion for empowering parents has led me to teach at baby fairs, health care offices, and non-profits. Originally inspired to leave my corporate cubicle in search of a full-time career that sparked my spirit, I’ve been delighted to discover that providing parents with tools that help them feel prepared, educated, and joyful gives me the spark I sought and then some. When my clients return to me and share how in love they are with their cloth diapering, or how much more confident they are installing and using their car seats, my spirit does a full on happy dance.

It’s my hope that this next phase of my work to support parents will bring joy to laundry baskets everywhere. Inland Mama’s first brick and mortar retail space opened in April of 2018, as part of the Spokane River Midwives Center. Through it, I’m able to continue my mission to give the gift we mothers know is the best one: knowledge. Knowledge that I believe will help parents make the best choices for their families, for their budgets, for their backseat passengers, and maybe, just maybe, spark a little joy on laundry day.