About Us


Welcome to Inland Mama! We’re a small shop with a big heart, we’re making magic in the Post Falls parenting community and beyond. Shopping small is a commitment in today’s one-click, one-day delivery world, so it matters to us that you know exactly what and who you’re supporting when you make the choice to shop with us.

You’re supporting our big vision - our heart - for:

  • We love your families, and our own, so while we keep our shop hours short to bond with our little ones, we’re happy to meet you by appointment, or invite you to our frequent workshops and events.
  • We provide products and services that help build strong bonds between babies and their parents or caretakers. From babywearing to breastfeeding, we aim to foster the flow of oxytocin and the formation of thriving relationships.
  • Wholeness & Health. We stock remedies to ease common breastfeeding, teething, and pregnancy woes in the name of pain-free parenting. We do our best to stock all our favorite tools available to help families meet their goals while staying comfortable and healthy in the process.
  • Empowerment & Options. We equip parents with the knowledge they need to use the products they’ve chosen, so they can confidently maximize the longevity of their purchases and enjoy each and every feature and benefit. Whether you’re driving away having learned how to secure your car seat like a pro or how to care for your cloth diaper investment well, we’ll make sure you feel supported, informed, and ready to parent like a champion.
  • We choose our products with the intention to promote a responsible use of resources and careful care for our planet. After all, creating a healthy environment for our little ones to live in is a huge part of our responsibility in raising them, and we’re here to help you do all you can to protect their future home.
  • Raising tiny humans is exhausting and sometimes lonely work – we create safe, encouraging spaces for parents and caretakers to gather, relate, rest, and play. We’re all on this journey together, and together, our workloads and our spirits tend to feel a whole lot lighter.

You’re also supporting one small, real family, a family that works together daily to support our vision and values:

Amy is our teacher, dreamer, and doer – she stocks the shelves, transforms parents into car seat installing wizards, leads our workshops, and imagines our next steps.

Martin is the keeper of checklists, master of spreadsheets, and organizer in chief – he’s the behind the scenes glue that keeps all the pieces of our dream together. 

Our kids are 8, 7, and 4, and beyond their daily work of keeping us humble, they are also an essential part of the team.

Kateri is a budding stylist who knows the colors of almost every diaper we carry. 

Leona is in charge of snuggles and giggles after a long day’s work. 

And Conan - well, you won't see much of him because he darts around like the flash. He’s the energetic heartbeat that keeps us on all on our toes.