Car Seat Safety Basics

Car Seat Safety Basics

Inland Mama

  • $5.00

Where does safety begin?

With us. With parents and caregivers. Not a product, not scare tactics, not even awesome marketing campaigns. It begins in your head and in your heart. We have the heart thing down. That’s why you’re reading this. You want to do what is best for your family. The knowledge part is more difficult. So much to learn! So many types of car seats, so many rules - where to begin?

This class, taught by Child Passenger Safety Technician Amy Plass, will give you the information to make the best choices for your child to keep them safer on the road!

You will learn:
The 4 stages of car seat safety
Why it's best to max out each stage
Common mistakes and how to avoid them
Where to go to get your installation checked

This class cost is $5 per family. Please bring anyone who will interact with your kiddo’s car seats – this is information you will want them to know! If you are a client of the Spokane River Midwives, this class is included in the cost of their packages. Please still add the class to your cart and use the code provided to you to "check out" for free.

The class will take place at the Spokane River Midwives Birth Center at 615 E 6th Avenue in Post Falls, Idaho.

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