Ceres Chill - Shield Maiden Nipple Guard

Ceres Chill

  • $14.50

Shield Maiden nipple guards are designed to assist moms and babies facing a variety of breastfeeding challenges. Reasons a breastfeeding mama may need to use a nipple shield include latching difficulties, tongue ties, soreness, or having flat or inverted nipples.

Ceres Chill's patent-pending shields can help your little one properly latch and suckle more effectively. The unique design allows for maximized skin-to-skin contact between you and your baby. They’re comfortable, breathable, and flexible to help build your breastfeeding success.  

But the most AMAZING part for any exhausted new mom is the color-changing quality of our Shield Maiden: they temporarily change color when exposed to heat. Shield Maidens are colorless when at body temperature so they don't interfere with a more natural breastfeeding experience. To help you easily find them when they're not in use, the Shield Maidens become a highly-visible color when at room temperature. How cool is that?! 

Each Shield Maiden is made of laboratory-tested, food-grade silicone that is velvety skin-textured on the side used by your nursing baby and smooth on the mama side so it adheres well.

All matched Shield Maiden sets include two nipple guards and a booklet by renowned lactation consultant Katie Dunning. The guide helps you to ensure this is the last set of nipple shields you will need.

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