Baby Paper - Crinkle Cuddler | Sensory Plush

Baby Paper

  • $29.00

Combine Baby Paper's sensory crunch with oh-so-soft high quality plush and you have our newest Crinkle Cuddlers.

SLOTH: Our Sloth Cuddler will help to soothe baby and will certainly become a favorite toy, while providing sensory stimulation that is crucial for learning.

LAMB: Our Lamb Cuddler is a unique "curly haired" cream plush with a cute tail on it's backside.

GATOR: Our Gator Cuddler is sage with an adorable back-side.

DOG: Our Dog Cuddler is black & gray with an adorable back-side.

CAT: Our Cat Cuddler is white with black & tan with an adorable back-side.

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