Educating AMY- Early Mathematics Nano (24-48 months+)

Educating AMY

  • $34.99

Educating AMY creates handmade playbooks grounded in scientific developments, strong social values, and play. Their books are compact, soft, car-safe, fabric playbooks packed with age-appropriate, brain-building activities that encourage confidence and problem-solving on every page. They also educate girls living in poor economic communities to end poverty.

Introducing the Educating AMY Montessori Early Mathematic Playbook, a charming and high-quality book crafted from OEKO-TEX felt and cotton for safety and durability. This compact companion is designed to nurture your child's learning journey, focusing on early math skills, creative play, and fine motor development.

Inside, your child will find engaging exercises that foster independence and dexterity. They will master early math as well as practical skills buttoning while experiencing a sense of accomplishment and building self-confidence. 

The playbook features a threading apple and a flower with colored ladybugs that can be used for color matching or number puzzles, depending on your child's developmental stage. The ladybugs' spots correspond to hidden numbers, encouraging early counting skills and numerical recognition. 

The final page offers a magnetic fishing game with vibrant and uniquely shaped fish, allowing your child to explore shapes and colors while developing essential hand-eye coordination skills.

Designed for both creative play and early math, this playbook ensures hours of engaging and educational fun. Watch as your child's skills flourish and their imagination come alive within the captivating activities provided in the compact pages of the Educating AMY Montessori Early Mathematic Playbook.

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