Innobaby - Mother’s Corn Bubble Wand and Solution Set


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About this item

  • ✅ Lasting Bubbles, More Smiles- The fun pops in seconds with many bubble wands, but not with Mother's Corn. Your touchable bubble maker kit creates a cascade of bubbles that float intact for up to an hour!
  • 👶 Designed for Littles - Let your bitty blower play without a care in the world. Perfect for toddlers ages 3 and up, your bubble toys are kid friendly thanks to their smooth edges and ergonomic shapes.
  • ✅ Grab and Go Blow - Make giggles bubble over wherever you go! Complete with a wand, solution, and tray, your bubbles kit for toddlers requires no batteries and is easy to pack in its 4x7.5x2.8 in. box.
  • 🌱 Naturally Pure - Does everything end up in your child's mouth? It's okay. Unlike generic bubble refills, your non toxic bubble solution features natural ingredients that are safe if swallowed in small quantities. **May leave a small white residue that is safe for skin. Rinse with water to remove it from clothes.**
  • 💯 Our Vow, Your Joy – Love the excitement your indoor and outdoor bubble set brings! At Mother’s Corn, we put parents and children first and promise your kit’s purity, durability, and quality.

Product Instruction + Warning


1. When using the bottle, please DO NOT Shake the bottle.

2. Simply pour out of the bottle on a tray and use with a blowing tool

Note to Parents

1. Clean and dry the blower

2. Although the bubble solution is non toxic and safe to play with, it is not meant for drinking.

3. Bubble solution can make the floor slippery. So please be careful and have an adult supervise when you are using it.

4. After use, wash the blower and tray immediately and store them in a cool place.

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