Motherlove - Goat's Rue Blend Capsules

  • $29.99

*Motherlove has recently changed their retail packaging. The packaging you receive may be slightly different than pictured. Thank you!*

Goat's rue is a popular herb that supports breast milk supply and helps build breast tissue. Motherlove's Goat's Rue supplement is available in a vegan liquid capsule specifically blended for breastfeeding.

Goat's Rue is ideal for moms who:
- Did not see a change in breast size during pregnancy
- Delivered prematurely
- Have had breast surgery
- Want to relactate after weaning
- Are adoptive parents and want to breastfeed

    However, this organic herb can still be used for general milk supply support, too, if none of those circumstances apply. Motherlove supplements are concentrated liquid extracts, which give moms an easily absorbed boost in a convenient, small dose.