Veer - Switchback Adapter for Cruiser & Cruiser XL


  • $49.00

Quickly and easily attach the Switchback Seat to any Cruiser for an elevated ride and recline for your little one. Or, attach the Switchback Bassinet for your infant.


Attach one Switchback Seat or Switchback Bassinet on your Veer Cruiser
Switchback Seat can face in either direction
Allows for Switchback Seat to recline in any of its 4 positions


Meets or exceeds ASTM and SOR safety standards and is JPMA Certified


Weight Capacity: 40 lbs for Switchback Seat or 20 lbs for Bassinet


For Cruiser: 1.8 lbs
For Cruiser XL: 2.0 lbs

(1) Adapter for Switchback Seat

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