woolybubs - Toddle


  • $44.00

Baby growing up. Send your little explorer off with sustainable style. The Toddle supports toddler adventures with a barefoot feel for great grip. And the kicks slide on easily, with a heel cinch for a snug fit every time. Best of all? All the materials are totally recyclable. Carry on you little heroes.

Barefoot Feel with Grip.

The best way for a baby to learn to walk is barefoot.  But, they can’t always cruise barefoot. We designed a shoe to mimic the barefoot experience. Our shoe is flexbile in all directions allowing for good fit and natural movement.  It also has a neutral offset, which simply means when your baby is in these shoes their foot is in the same position it is when they are barefoot. 

Easy on, stays on.

Parenting is hard enough as it is. Take it easy with the Toddle, featuring a simple system that opens the shoe 180 degrees for easy access. Cinch it closed and it actually keeps the shoes on their feet no matter what adventure they find.

Totally Recyclable.

The shoes are made from recycled plastic bottles and are totally recyclable. When your little one outgrows their Toddles, just send them back to Woolybubs. They’ll recycle all the materials so they’re put back to good use.

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